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New Hampshire Republican debate
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New Hampshire Republican debate

By Politicacritica.org 02/06/2016


They say all major media in the country, such as CNN, the Politico.com, the winners were the Bush Governors, Christie, and Kasich and Rubio, Trump, Carson and Cruz, were the big losers.

The fact that there were no winners. Rather, the entire Republican Party lost. Especially when you see to focus on that they would make the nation should become elected as president, They focus on meaningless attacked each other, as was the case Governor Christie against Sen. Marco Rubio. Christie's desperation to corner a few votes of the electorate in New Hampshire did attack strongly Rubio, especially in the area where Rubio is more vulnerable, such as their lack of political esperiencia, and also his youth.

What will be the reaction of the electorate in New Hampshire primaries next Tuesday, not known. But one result if we dare to note is that Senator Rubio this debate you will not win or take votes. The same Governor Christie, This ferocity presented in the debate against Rubio is not going to bring more votes, let alone what it will take dento of the first three places in this Republican race for president.

Now, on the other hand the Governor Kasich, I think it went from being an unknown to a known. His conpostura and political rhetoric was very controlled asentuada. Suddenly, it will not come to occupy a position within the first three, at least in New Hampshire, but eventually if you continue your bell way they showed in this debate, could potentially have more ACCEPTANCE within the ranks of the Republican electorate.

Although I mentioned that the entire party lost, I think it's valid and important to mention that it is very visible the political collapse of the candidate Donald Trump, although it is slow you can tell. The big difference there was enre surveys and election results in Iowa for Trump tells us that the people are waking up to the political show that biene giving Trump since he began his political campaign. New Hampshire primaries next Tuesday will be perhaps more than expected were the Iowa primary.

As Governor Bush and the surgeon Carson, although no evil in this debate estubieron, especially Bush. I do not think it's going to result in greater acceptance than electoral tubieron in Iowa. A serious reason that the apathy of the Republican electorate against Bush is especially chronic, almost impossible to recover.

Politics in the United States has become hard to bear or dijerir especialment by the lack of progress and political range shown by both parties within the government. Maybe this apathy to everything that concerns policy that makes the race for president 2016 Be more unique and passionate than previous, where now, most of the thinking electorate is not sold to a nice elecuente speech given by any candidate as has happened in the past.

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