February 15, 2020

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The Importance of Iowa in the presidential elections

The Importance of Iowa in the presidential elections

For the Iowa caucus or convention are so important in Primary

The 1 February, the world will see the state of Iowa, since this leads the first race for the nomination of proposals for the next President of the United States. Las campañas se han realizado o se pierde en el estado. For data, Iowa is of little importance to the general election 2016. El estado tiene sólo 3 the nearly million 319 million US residents, por lo que no tiene muchos votos en el Colegio Electoral que eventualmente elije a un presidente entre los candidatos. In the presidential nominations, you also, Iowa does not mean much in terms of absolute numbers – both Republicans and Democrats, the state makes up about 1 percent of delegates who elect the nominees. But, if the state can mean everything for the simple fact that his political contest is the first in the nation. Although not a candidate must win Iowa to win his party's nomination, Iowa results are closely followed by the media and are an early sign of how the country as a whole will respond to candidates. Also, sets the state for the first primary eight days later, en New Hampshire. In politics, the impulse or momentum is king, He is the winner. Si un candidato no se coloca altamente en los primeros estados, support and dollars typically begin to dry, Iowa meaning that often succeeds in throwing or advertise the potential winner of his party. En una carrera con muchos candidatos, as the GOP contest this 2016, Iowa the way it responds to a politician can determine whether he or she will remain on the ballot for the remaining races throughout the United States (www.usnews.com).

The Iowa Caucus is an electoral event in which residents of the US state of Iowa meet in precinct caucuses across Iowa los1.681 enclosures and elect delegates to county conventions relevant. There are 99 Iowa counties, and therefore there 99 Conventions. These conventions select delegates to county conventions both Iowa Congressional District and State Convention, finally elect delegates to the presidential nominating conventions. The Iowa Caucus is notable for the amount of attention it receives from the media during the years of US presidential election. Since 1972, the Iowa caucuses have been the first major electoral event of the nomination process to elect the President of the United States. Although only 1% delegates of the nation are elected by the Iowa State Convention, The Iowa caucuses have served as a first indication that presidential candidates could win the nomination of his party to the national convention of the party. Many candidates have left the presidential race for lack of support in this first convention of Iowa (www.wikipedia.com).

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