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“Para EE.UU. take Texas to Mexico is just”: the best quotes from the press conference Putin
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“Para EE.UU. take Texas to Mexico is just”: the best quotes from the press conference Putin

Published: 18 say 2014 13:43 GMT | Last updated: 18 say 2014 16:45 GMT
During their great annual press conference, which this year lasted more than three hours, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, it ruled on the most important issues of the day. This is a compilation of his best quotes.

“Para EE.UU. take Texas to Mexico is just, but what we do on our own territory, yes it is unfair”.
The phrase about Texas It arose when the Russian president was referring to statements made by some Western countries on 'how unfair it is’ that Siberia, with their great wealth, will belong solely to Russia.


Putin referred to the relationship between Russia and the West and the intentions of some countries to bend to Russia with words “the bear always try to put a string”.


The president said the United States is a threat to Russia deploying its missile shield. Putin said, further, what Russia has only two bases Military and overseas, in return, “EE.UU. has bases around the globe”. The president said the US. you are installing anti-missile systems in Romania. “And you tell me that we who conducted an aggressive policy?”, asked Putin.


“We have seen in America how after 11 September is legalized torture“, stated.


“It is inevitable that the Russian economy overcome this situation in two years at the latest”,said the president. He added that the current economic situation in the country has to do with external factors, being a major oil price. Putin said that Russia's eastward rotation does not respond to political reasons, but the state of the global economy.


“After the fall of the Berlin Wall NATO has continued to expand“. Putin said a virtual wall is growing near Russia's borders. It also said that the members of the West “not stopped building walls”, but should quit. According to the president, we must create a common space instead of creating walls.


President said that members of the West “believe they are the rule, and the others are his vassals”.



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