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First by the GOP Debate
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First by the GOP Debate

TRump is not intimidated in the first presidential debate of the Republican Party, while rivals fight for attention.

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This was what happened,

A combative Donald Trump, the billionaire businessman-turned presidential candidate, the first Republican debate of the campaign shook 2016 warning that it could work as an independent if he is denied the GOP nomination. His stunning statement left his rivals on stage struggling to compete for the attention of the rest of the night. Asked in first minutes of the debate if he could rule out a third run, Trump said Thursday night, “I will not make promises at this time.” He also refused to apologize for making crude remarks about women, He defended his shifting political positions and tangled debate moderators. While Trump was characteristically bombastic, most contenders standing beside him clamored for his piece of care without direct participation. They discussed immigration, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and gay marriage, each cast himself as the strongest candidate to take top Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton. Also assailed President Barack Obama and his nuclear deal with Iran.

The closest the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, one of the favorites of, moderate wing of the party establishment, He came to mess with Trump was a gentle critique of the rhetoric over-the-top businessman. “Mr. Trump language is divisive”, Bush said. “We will not win by doing what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do every day – the division of the country.” Immigration, one of the main themes of the night, Bush defended his call for a path to legalization for some of the people living in the US. illegally, an unpopular position among some Republican voters who equate legal status under the amnesty. “The vast majority of people who come here have no choice”, Bush said. Trump, in particular, He has pushed the issue of immigration throughout the summer, They are saying criticism for Mexican immigrants are rapists. Said on Thursday he had been told that agents of the border patrol, and he took credit for immigration is an issue in the campaign. “If it was not for me, you will not even be talking about illegal immigration”, told, even though immigration has been a hot topic in presidential campaigns for the year. Trump forceful style was in line with the approach taken their campaign throughout the summer, appealing to voters frustrated with career politicians and baffling his opponents. He entered the first debate leading the polls in a field full of governors and senators. Seventeen Republicans seeking the party nomination, but only 10 They were invited by the host discussions Fox News to participate in the main event based on their performance in recent polls. The remaining seven were relegated to a pre-discussion forum. On stage in his home state, Ohio Governor John Kasich sought to raise its profile by striking an upbeat tone about the economy, saying that all Americans need an opportunity to “participate in this great American dream.” He said if he was in favor of traditional marriage, who had recently attended a wedding between same sex and support their children if they were gay. A raucous crowd encouraged the candidates throughout the debate in Cleveland, the same city where Republicans will nominate their candidate for the general elections next summer. No Republican has won the presidency without winning Ohio. While candidates peppered his remarks with spikes on Clinton, long avoided attacks on his record as secretary of state and the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya. Only at the end of the debate he made the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker raise the controversy surrounding the use of personal email and a private server while serving in the Obama administration. “It is likely that the governments of Russia and China know more about Hillary Clinton mail server that make the members of US Congress”, Walker said. The first debate highlighted the deep divisions within the Republican Party, with Senator Rand Paul Kentucky representing a segment of Republican voters frustrated with military action abroad and what they see as violations of personal freedoms. a long exchange with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Paul defended his opposition to the law and the laws that give government access to the phone records of US Patriot US. He said he wanted to gather more information from terrorists, not respectful of US law. Christie, a former US attorney, It was indifferent. “Listen out, senator, you know, when you're sitting on a subcommittee, just blowing hot air about it, You can say things like that”, told. Paul was also the most aggressive in taking Trump, challenging him early in his refusal to commit to support the candidate of the party. “He already hedging their bets, as it is used to buy politicians”, Paul said.

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, the youngest candidate in the field to 44 years old, He has tried to carve a niche as political authority outside, but it has struggled to break this summer – especially since Trump surge. He said the elections “It can not be a competition resume.” "The best choice to be in the future, not the past”, told. Rounding out the field was Senator Ted Cruz, surgeon and tea party favorite Ben Carson and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee completed the lineup discussion. The crowded field meant limited speaking time for candidates, many of whom were Americans appearing for the first time. “He was not sure he'd get to talk again,” Carson joked when moderators returned to him at one point. The remaining seven candidates were relegated to a previous discussion forum, Low-profile event in a rather empty stage, where candidates avoided discussing each other and largely stuck to the script responses in domestic and foreign policy. The former governor of Texas, Rick Perry and businesswoman Carly Fiorina opened the event with scathing early reviews Trump.

Perry – whose campaign 2012 White House was not damaged by an embarrassing stumble discussion – Trump accused of using “his celebrity rather than his conservatism” to promote his candidacy for president. Fiorina, the only woman in the Republican camp, Trump said he had used the wrath of Americans with Washington, but she challenged the employer as lacking political positions. “What are the principles that would govern?” she asked. While candidates pitched their visions for the future of the Republican Party, They also made the case that they would present the strongest challenge general election to Clinton. Clinton, in Los Angeles, He said said in Los Angeles that has often left a “state of disbelief” so listen to some of its rivals 2016. Thursday's debate was the first of six sanctioned party forums scheduled before the primary voting begins in February. Fox News uses national surveys to determine what 10 Candidates would be on stage, and several candidates were grouped into a single digit – most separated by a number less than the margin of error of the survey.


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