November 22, 2019

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“Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”
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“Who gave this son of a bitch his green card?”

Tuesday, Feb,24

Maybe they are good friends, among them are treated and thus. but for more than 11 million people without documents in the United States reciden, that “bromita” It is in very bad taste and goes from being a joke to an offense that all, or the vast majority of the Hispanic community repudiates. Do not forget how sensitive among Hispanics the issue of Immigration. There are many people who have been living for several decades the insertidumbre being produced illegally in this country, not knowing what will happen tomorrow, or if your family will have to leave the country. It is known that the Hispanic people collectively crave some form of migration adjustment for themselves or a family member without legal documents. The fact that some people say “the jokes are taken as such” are wrong on this occasion, such comments are not said or cameras and behind the scenes. This country that was formed by immigrants and continues to strengthen with immgrantes has had many wars and social battles through its history; as escalvitud, descriminacion racial, female inequality among other, and each of them has left a lesson for next generations. It is time that this battle has been fighting for Hispanics for a better and dignified way of life, also be heard in all social and political strata of this great nation. A person can not insult each other and say that it was a joke, especially when it comes to situations related words that have repressed and somehow sub-yugado an entire people. Even the first amendment of the constitution, which protects freedom of exprecion, You can protect a person who offends his words produce the breach of peace and anger of a people. Sean Penn needs to apologize to all the Hispanic community, not by what he told Alejandro, but rather by what he said to each of the members of the Hispanic community and for situacines how are you not be repeated.

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